Frequently Asked Questions



Q:What payment methods do you accept?

A:We accept many payment methods for ease of our clients from all over the world Paypal,Payza( former Alertpay),Moneybookers,Credit Card.

Q:  Is there a bandwidth limit on the proxies?

A:There is no bandwidth limit, as all proxies have unlimited bandwidth 

Q:What type of proxy is it — HTTP or socks?

A: All Proxies are HTTP Proxies.

Q:Are all Proxies High Anonymous?

A:Yes, all Proxies are High Anonymous proxies.

Q: Can you provide proxies in the format ip:port?

A: Yes, we can bind your IP for authentication.

Q: How can I track my Ticket message?

A:You need to login to our system and go to the Support page to see your current opened ticket.

Q: When i will get my proxies after payment done?

A: As you will made your payment it’s need to be verified from our Payment gateway which takes some minutes to 48 hours Maximum after that we deliver your order within some hours usually.

Q: Is there is any limitation to use proxies from different locations?

A: Yes, you can use your proxies under 1 username from maximum 2 locations at a time (it’s not meant that you can just use on those 2 locations you are using it means you can use any 2 locations )

Q: Is your proxies supports Craiglist?

 A:Yes,We have many clients who are using for it so you can try it if it works continue if not get money back under our policy.

Q: Is your proxies works with Conquere Online gaming?

A: Yes it’s working.

Q: Your proxies work with Social media?

.A:Our proxies are fully working with Social media like, Twitter,Facebook,YoutubePinterest,Instagram etc.

Q: Your proxies support SEO tools?

A: Yes our proxies are works perfectly with all SEO tools like Scrapebox,GSA,SenukeXcr,Ultimate Daemon,BMD etc.

Q: When i get Fresh proxies?

A: You will get every month new fresh proxies.

Q: I made the Payment where can i get my proxies?

A: Our system sent email to you when you proxies added some times it’s goes to Spam folder but no worries you can get your proxies from your account area.

Q: Where can i get my purchased proxies?

A:It will be added to your account dashboard you will see attached text file below it download it and get it thanks.

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